solvent printers

Technical Advantages

  • LED lights help customer for better observing printing quality and color bar.
  • Printhead cleaning system is perfect designed for single or multiple printhead cleaning.
  • 100W DC SERVO MOTOR EQUIPPERD 1000 sting American Agilent decoder, with specialized control chip, frequency of signal 4, achieve the precise control of media stepper. RBI signal sampling adopting.
  • 4 in 1 integrate temperature control with LED window is easy to set expected temperature and maintain a constant temperature in a user – friendly operation.
  • Adjustable Automatic Media Feeding & Take - up system helps satisfy with stability.
  • Machine precision control : All on the marble flat (6000mm +_0.01mm) to have beeline check.

Performance Technical Specifications

Model 3304 PQ 3304 XRP 3308 XRP 3304 KM 3308 KM
Resolution 1600pdi 1440dpi 1440dpi
Printhead SPECTRA POLARIES 512/15PL Proton Xaar 382 ( 35 PL/60PL) KONICA 512(14PL/35PL/42PL)
Speed / Normal quality Good quality High quality 110m2/h 7 m2/h 14 m2/h 3.6m2/h 7.2m2/h
Color C,M,Y,K
Width 3.2m MAX
Media banling Roll to Roll
Media Paper/Advertising banner/PVC/Adhensive vinyl and so on
Ink Solvent CMYK
Image format TIFF / JPG / EPS / PDF / BMP
Working Flow Use software with PRT format to print
Printing software Photoprint 10/Ultraprint/seeget