Application to process wooden products, sign plates, acrylic cutting efficiently, and also can process many, Metal and nonĀ­metal materials such as iron, copper, aluminum, plastic plate, wood etc.,


  • Total feeding height is higher, cave for the users who have special demand on wood working.
  • Printhead cleaning system is perfect designed for single or multiple printhead cleaning.
  • Y adopt durable driving by synchronizing wheel consist of belt and gear shaft. Big power subĀ­division motors keep stable moving, improve your working efficiency.
  • Control system is OUSH IN type DSP with USB interface. Handy Operation, read fie fast. Support USB disk (pen drive). Simplize the usage. PCI type NC studio is also available
  • It will start the work automatically at the point from which the power cut off. More intelligent
  • Using quality sensor switch, improve the machine working safety.

Performance & Technical Specification

Model SST1313 SST1318 SST1325 SST1630 SST2030
Working Area (mm) 1300x1300 1300x1800 1300x2500 1550x3000 2000x3000
Gantry Height (mm) 200mm, 300mm, 400mm, 500mm
Spindle Power 3.0w/4.5w/6.0kw (Air Cooled/Water Cooled)
Transmission XY Rack and Pinioun
  Z Ball screw rod
Guide way XYZ Liner Square Rails
Max Travel speed 40000mm/min
Resolution 0.01mm
Control System DSP Panel with 512MB self storage
Applicable File Format G code( . mmg .uoo .plt)
Machine Weight 1000KG.1300KG